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  • Wikeepa Whanau
    • Any Wikeepa descendants living in Brisbane, Qld, Australia

  • Jasmine's Wicca Web
    • Come join us to discuss religion, magic, or anything that comes to mind! Everyone is welcome!

  • Quitt Smoking Support Group
    • a support group for those comtemplating quitting cigarettes or actively quitting. Great info and support provided

  • Toronto Tenants Unite!
    • Are you a tenant living in Toronto? Read other people's stories about tenant successes/struggles and share your own!

  • The Locator
    • Technology to Bring Buyers and Sellers Together Try it you will like it

  • Emerald Village
    • A New Social Media Network That Pays You Commissions From Revenue Generated From The Network

  • Company
    • Major Personals and Friendly Online Gatherings for People Who Like To Meet People

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