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    • Foruma Veng u Renge Zazayan u Venge Zone Zaza, Zone Ma Kirmancki,Dimili - Zazalarin Sesi ve Rengi, Zaza Dili Forumu

  • Litherland and Ford Speak
    • A messageboard for Litherland/Ford people to post their past and present memories, the history and general enquiries.

  • Welcome to FORUMMANADO
    • Forum Manado, merupakan forum diskusi untuk SEMUA, khususnya mendiskusikan tentang Manado dan sekitarnya

  • BOLAT's Message Board
    • #adam channel, Message Board. if u want to learn more info for our channell and script, please post msg.

  • Homolje message Board
    • This is a free board with variety of opinions, religious or political rights, Homolie is a micro region

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